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joan truckenbrod algorithmic art

Joan Truckenbrod: 1975

  • algorithmic art
  • algorithmic art
  • algorithmic art
  • algorithmic art

Through a series of patterns and gradients, I was able to create an impression of movement.


The algorithmic work extended into color and transformative patterns in the form of electronic patchwork textiles.

The textile works when displayed become fluid, affected by light and wind, and in that sense become part of the natural world.

Behind the Art

Joan received a grant from Apple Computer in the form of an Apple iie to pursue her work.

Using the Apple iie she created sequential series of FROpatterns. The computer monitor was positioned upside down on a 3M Color-in-Color copier with back light capability to create individual pattern frames that were then heat transferred to fabric by hand.

After a grant from Tektronix, Joan began using the 3M's Scan-a-Mural process, which enabled her to create large canvas tapestries, as large as 7’ x 11’.