motion through


I was able to interject spontaneity into my algorithms then into the drawing themselves.

Natural processes — the growth structure of a tree or movement of the tide — can be described through mathematics. What’s interesting to me is the reinterpretation that comes through the artist’s vision or hand

I felt an intimate relationship with the code I developed which led to creating expressive, fluid drawings.

Behind the Art

Punch cards communicated with the card reader (computer) to output a printout of the program.

The program was put on tape which was read by a plotter. The plotter, in Joan’s case, was found in the geometry department and used to plot maps — in black and white. Waiting hours often days to see the results materialize.

“The challenge was to sculpt the geometry to my vision. Injecting fluidity and motion by altering the code.” Through mathematics I could create a series of infinite transformations.” – Joan